The B-Side is an offering of guidance, connection, and art set to a soundtrack.

The goal of The B-Side is to provide a sense of community through newsletters that inspire, assist, comfort, and connect.

The B-Side is a play on words….

Be… as in learn how to just be, even for moments at a time, so that relaxation and existing become part of our narrative.

Beside… we’re in this together, and it takes a community to get us through.

B-Side… as in the flip side of an album. Beautiful moments happen when we flip the vinyl and allow the unexpected.

This page offers a low-cost, culturally-affirming, meaningful way to access story, insight, guidance, comfort, and connection.

Music sets the tone of our lives, guides us, moves us. The right mix of songs takes us on a journey, calms, soothes, inspires. With the volume set just right and the melody filling the empty space around us, we can sink in, read, listen, explore our minds, and find comfort in the experience.

The B-Side offers the combination of thought, feeling, and sound that we all need.

As The B-Side author, Dr. Stephanie has the education and skills to offer quality information and tools.

Welcome to the B-Side!

Disclaimer: The information provided in or through this website is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your own use. The information provided does not constitute medical or mental health advice.

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I spent 14 years providing therapy for amazing individuals. I'm now venturing out into sharing my ideas with a larger audience with the goal of educating, inspiring, and affecting change!